In order to complete a mortgage transaction with us, both Zephyr Homeloans and your client must instruct a conveyancer to act for them to complete the necessary legal work.

From 5 July 2019, our approved conveyancers for all new case submissions are Blacks Connect. They are the only firm of solicitors on our panel and have a dedicated team supporting Zephyr.

Blacks will issue contact details to you directly on instruction of a case and can provide their full fee structure for Zephyr cases upfront on request.

For more information, such as details of the fees/costs that Blacks will charge – please visit their contact us page, email Blacks directly or call them on 0113 207 1098 or 0845 521 2491.

Options for your clients to consider:

Whilst Blacks will always act for Zephyr, your client will need to decide if they also want to involve their own solicitor. There are two options available here:

Dual Representation (Dual Rep) – this is where Blacks are nominated to act on behalf of your client and Zephyr. We do not allow Dual Rep from any other firms.

Separate Representation (Sep Rep) – this is where your client chooses a different firm to act for them and Blacks act solely for Zephyr.

When making this decision please bear in mind that involving another firm of solicitors can increase costs and timescales, due to duplication of effort and double-handling that inevitably takes place. If your client does not have a preference to use their own solicitor and would like one solicitor to be involved in the transaction, then choosing Dual Rep can be beneficial.

If your client chooses Sep Rep, their conveyancer should liaise with Blacks to ensure any work they are undertaking is sufficient for our purposes. In particular, it is worth ensuring that there is agreement on which searches will be required and a confirmed approach to the property information form.

Sep Rep is an option for a remortgage, although it will not necessarily provide any benefits in terms of reduced costs or a faster timescale.

Please note – if your client chooses Sep Rep, they will be responsible for paying both conveyancer’s legal fees, which might be higher than under Dual Rep. Under the Sep Rep option, Blacks will also not be able to speak with your client directly since they will have instructed separate legal representation.

When do Zephyr instruct solicitors?

Your client has two options around the timing of when we should instruct Blacks:

Immediately – if speed of completion is important, we are able to instruct Blacks immediately following receipt of your application so they can open the file, request searches and issue the property information form.

Please note – with this option your client will be liable for any conveyancing costs incurred if the sale falls through or we are unable to issue a mortgage offer and another lender cannot be found. This cost could vary depending upon the amount of work completed by Blacks.

Post-offer – an alternative is for Zephyr to instruct Blacks following the mortgage offer. On average, this could be three weeks after application but timescales will vary for more complex cases. The benefit of this option is that legal costs are not incurred until an offer is in place.

Once you submit an application, you will need to complete the conveyancing information form to let us know which option you would like to take.

What you need to do:

  • Determine if your client wishes to use Blacks on a Dual or Sep Rep basis, ensuring you are aware of all the potential legal fees that your client may be liable for.
  • Complete and submit our Conveyancing Information form. Zephyr will keep a copy and provide this to Blacks.
  • Let us know ASAP if anything changes. For example, if your client later decides to switch from Dual to Sep Rep.
  • If your client is applying as a Director of a Limited Company, arrange for them to obtain independent legal advice so that they can provide a personal guarantee. You will need to demonstrate they have received independent legal advice prior to signing the personal guarantee and notify the Zephyr New Business team which firm of solicitors provided the advice.


NB – any historic cases that were submitted to us before 5 July 2019 were managed with our previous conveyancers, Moore Blatch LLP. They can be contacted by emailing