Frequently Asked Questions

In the below sections you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for contact us and one of our team will be happy to help you out.

How can a Panel Broker reactivate a locked account?
Contact our Broker Support Team, please see our contact us page for details.

After initially registering, when can I start placing business?
Once you have completed your registration and we have carried out our internal checks you will be notified and will be able to start placing business with us immediately. We aim to do this within 48 hours.

I am not linked to a firm – can I still place business with you?
Yes, applications can be submitted via one of our preferred packaging routes, please see our full list of approved packaging partners here.

Do you have a direct channel?
No, we only offer our products through intermediaries.

Submission of Mortgage applications
All Broker generated applications must be submitted via the Zephyr Homeloans Portal. Following submission, the Broker/Packager will be able to view the progress of all of their submitted cases online via the Portal.

If the case has been submitted through a Packager, the Broker will not be able to view the progress of cases submitted and will need to contact the Packager for updates.

How do I get Application Queries and Case Updates?
Application information will be available on the Zephyr Homeloans Portal Case Summary screen or you can find more information on our Submitting Business page. However, in respect of general non case specific queries, and in certain circumstances where an update cannot be achieved via the portal, information may instead be obtained over the telephone. Please call 0370 707 1894 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Who do I speak to if I have a complaint/I’m not happy with the service I’m getting?
If the complaint is in relation to a customer enquiry, DIP, application or loan then the Broker/Packager should contact one of our New Lending Consultants on 0370 707 1894 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, making sure that they provide full details of the case the complaint refers to. The consultant taking the call will own the complaint and log it in line with our internal complaints process, a copy of which is available on request.

Who does Zephyr Homeloans valuations?
A Zephyr Homeloans Surveyor Panel is managed by Connells; they instruct firms on our behalf.

How do I get a solicitor on the Zephyr Homeloans panel?
To see if your preferred conveyancer is currently on the Zephyr panel go to Lender Exchange. You can find information on panel requirements and how to apply to be on the Zephyr panel on our Conveyancing page.

How long is the mortgage offer valid for?
Offers are valid for 120 days for standard purchases, re-mortgages and new build properties.

How long is a DIP valid for?
A Decision in Principle is valid for 30 days, subject to no material changes. Please be aware that a product is not secured at the DIP stage.

Under what circumstances (if any) would a refund of valuation /administration fees to a customer be available?
Refunds may be available where we are notified prior to a valuation being completed.

If the property was down valued would this prompt a refer/decline decision?
Down valuations will be referred back to the Underwriter for review.

Is there an Appeals Process for valuation etc.?
Zephyr Homeloans will only consider a valuation appeal in exceptional circumstances where compelling evidence exists to contradict the valuation that has been provided.

Should an offer be extended beyond 120 days from initial offer, if a re-valuation is required, who will pay the additional valuation fee if this is required?
The customer will be required to pay this additional fee. Details of the fee amount will be included on the fees page.

I am no longer on the Broker/Packager’s panel, what will happen to my pipeline cases?
Any pipeline cases must still be processed through to completion under the Principal Firm’s FCA reference.

Do you leave a hard or soft footprint at the credit bureau?
This depends on the stage of the application process; if the application is at the DIP or quotation stage a soft footprint is left. When a full mortgage application is submitted however, a hard footprint is left at the Credit Bureau stage.

For Limited Company Director Guarantors all Credit Searches will use a soft footprint rather than a hard footprint.

Who do you use for your credit search?
Zephyr Homeloans uses Equifax as part of their credit search process.