The below instructions will advise you how to PDF your results from the calculator

To PDF the results from the calculator simply press CTRL + p/cmd + p this will open the print window within your browser. Depending on your browser follow the next steps below.

Once the window pops up ensure the destination says ‘Save as PDF’. If not then select this by using the ‘Change…’ button. Once done click save.

IE/Firefox/Edge etc
For these browsers you will need to download a PDF writer for this if you do not already have one Cute PDF writer is the most commonly used one. Once installed you can follow the steps same as chrome just select ‘CutePDF writer’ as the destination.

In safari once the menu pops up click the ‘PDF’ dropdown then select ‘Save as PDF…’.

In safari on mobile Tap on the Share button, which is the square with the upwards arrow. On the bottom bar, swipe to the left several times until you see ‘Create PDF’. Tap ‘Create PDF’.