Post date: 21st October 2021

Q3 2021 Rent Index from The DPS

Rent growth accelerates over the quarter

After another uncertain quarter for the rental sector this latest Rent Index report from The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) is showing positive results, with growth in average rents accelerating across much of the UK.  There is also high demand for detached properties which have seen an overall increase of £91 (8.87%). Signs are also emerging of the Capital bouncing back as growth in the last quarter undid the rental falls of previous quarters.

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The DPS Rent Index – The largest and most reliable indicator of rental trends

As the largest provider of deposit protection in the UK, The DPS have a unique insight into the Private Rented Sector (PRS). Their database of domestic private rental prices across Britain is the largest of its kind. It’s the most reliable indicator of rental trends in the UK.

Utilising a database of tenancies that covers rental market activity since 2007, they analyse data from millions of properties across the country and include national statistics in their analysis to build a picture not only of rental cost but rental affordability.

This allows The DPS to produce a rental index that’s statistically robust, reliable, and based on actual rather than advertised rents, delivering an accurate view of average rental values by property type across the UK.

Like Zephyr, The DPS is part of the Computershare group, and together it means we have a wealth of experience in the Buy-To-Let market.