Post date: 19th January 2021

Read the latest Rent Index report from The DPS

Average rents grow throughout 2020

Source: The Deposit Protection Scheme (The DPS) Rent Index Q4 2020 Read the full report here

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Read the latest report from The DPS about how rent for larger properties continues to rise at a faster rate during the last quarter of 2020, as tenants seek more space as a result of work-from-home restrictions caused by the pandemic.

The DPS MD, Matt Trevett, comments “While there seems to be a particular focus on detached and semi-detached properties, the rental market as a whole remained remarkably resilient throughout much of 2020, despite broader economic uncertainties and restrictions that affected home viewings and public movement during the first national lockdown.”

Read the full report here

Like Zephyr, The DPS is part of Computershare Loan Services, a business which in the UK manages around £41bn of residential and buy to let mortgages. Launching in 2007, The DPS is the original Government approved custodial deposit protection scheme. With over 1.75 million deposits under management, the DPS protects more deposits than any other UK scheme. This huge footprint means we can access a vast amount of useful data about the rental market.