Post date: 7th September 2020
Categories: Industry News

‘New lets increase post lockdown’

To help you provide valuable insights to your BTL clients, here’s an update on the latest results from The DPS Rent IndexTM.

The Index reports on the average monthly rent in 12 regions of the UK. This is then broken down into the various property types to give a fair view of how much a property costs to rent.

Read the full DPS Rent Index 

In summary, the data shows that during lockdown, the number of renters moving home plummeted; but we can already see the market returning to normal as restrictions ease. Matt Trevett, DPS Managing Director, says:Matt Trevett

Helping you stay connected

We’ll regularly keep you updated with the latest insights and quarterly results from The Deposit Protection Service (DPS). Like Zephyr Homeloans, The DPS is part of the Computershare group – a global leader in financial services administration. Launching in 2007, The DPS is the original Government approved Custodial deposit protection scheme. With over 1.75 million deposits under their care, they protect more deposits than any other UK scheme.

Read the full DPS Rent Index