About Us

Introducing Zephyr Homeloans

Zephyr Homeloans is a dedicated buy-to-let lender, providing a range of mortgage products that are focused on meeting the needs of professional portfolio landlords and other specialist property investors.

We understand that the buy-to-let market is evolving and becoming more complex, with new tax rules and regulations creating challenges for some landlords. At Zephyr Homeloans, we offer a range of mortgages that aim to help landlords meet these challenges and continue to invest successfully in the current market.

Our Products

The buy-to-let mortgages we offer can be used to fund a new purchase or remortgage, from an individual or a Limited Company on a single property or portfolio basis. Our range of products includes options for Standard and Specialist properties – such as a House in Multiple Occupation, a Multi Unit Freehold Block or a Flat above Commercial premises. We also allow applications for New Builds across each property type.

Our products are only available via selected mortgage intermediaries, so please speak to your mortgage broker to find out more details.

Please note – our buy-to-let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as they are not classed as ‘consumer buy to let’.

Our Background

Zephyr Homeloans is a trading name of Topaz Finance Limited, an FCA regulated mortgage lender based in the UK that has been operating since 2006.  Topaz looks after the mortgages of over 100,000 customers under a range of different trading names.

Topaz is a business owned by the Computershare group – a global leader in financial services administration, working with some of the world’s leading organisations to provide a wide range of financial and governance solutions, including mortgage origination, credit management and customer services.  In the UK alone, Computershare manages £40bn of mortgage assets across 25+ clients.

Computershare also owns The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS), a familiar name to many tenants, landlords and letting agents. Launched in 2007, The DPS is the original Government-approved custodial deposit protection scheme, typically holding around £1.9 million tenancy deposits.

So, although Zephyr may be a relatively new name in the buy-to-let market, our history and backing mean we’ve a wealth of experience in the buy-to-let sector, meaning you can be confident we will deliver the quality service that you expect.